than the love of food.


Our History

We are an independent, family run restaurant.

We are not a franchise and we are not part of some soulless restaurant group. We run Bite Cafe

with an amazing team all focused on making the best-quality, freshest delicious food.

As the saying goes, "you are what you eat", so you want to be careful what you put into your body.

We are committed to sourcing top quality ingredients from local suppliers. We get deliveries six days a week.

Preparation is another area which we take really seriously. Great ingredients deserve great preparation. All day long, our skilled chefs use classic cooking techniques to prepare tasty food.

We are proud to say that on daily bases, we cook the marinated chicken, rice and black beans all with our special secret ingredients. Special sauces for the Burrito such as Salsa & Guacamole are made by us every day.

We eat the same food everyday – so we insist on nothing but the best.

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tel  01753 857147

21 st leonard road 

sl4 3b

england windsor 

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